A Loss of Hearing isn’t always Hearing Loss

Just because you can’t hear as well as you used to doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from hearing loss – it could be ear wax, an ear canal infection, or a balance system or middle ear issue. We can identify and deal with all these conditions at Hearology.

And if you do have hearing loss, Hearology will help you identify the right kind of hearing aids for you – to fit with the needs of your hearing, your budget and your lifestyle.

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Home Visit Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Fittings.

Hearology has a separate pricing schedule for home visit hearing tests and hearing aid fittings.

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The Positive Impact of Hearing Aid Usage on Dementia and Life Expectancy

Our brains behave like a muscle – if you stimulate them, they develop, if you don’t, they decline in effectiveness and vigour. So, it makes sense that mental decline associated with age and/or dementia will speed up if hearing loss deprives your brain of the auditory stimulation it is used to.

There is an ever-growing body of scientific research to suggest that the use of Hearing Aids can significantly DECREASE the rate of age-related cognitive decline.

The findings from this body of scientific research are clearly summarised and illustrated in an informative and independently published document that you can download right here.

“Providing hearing aids…much earlier in the course of hearing impairment may stem the worldwide rise of dementia.”


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Independent Expertise, Best prices, Hearology Care

Our Audiologists are clinical experts and, unlike all our competitors, we deliberately do not pay them a hearing aid sales commission – because this would impair clinical decision making.

We price match against the High Street Hearing Aid retailers.

We offer unmatched levels of ear care and hearing aid aftercare.

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Friends and Family are Welcome

You are welcome to bring someone with you because we do know that sometimes it takes a bit of extra support to book yourself in for a hearing test. We used to make this offer unequivocally. Nowadays, of course, it’s slightly tempered by Covid caution. However, the offer does still firmly stand!

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Hearing Aid Aftercare at Hearology

Not many will tell you that hearing aids need to be serviced at least twice a year, or that you need to maintain them on a weekly basis. Nor will many tell you that most hearing aids end up getting left in a drawer due to lack of maintenance.

This is why Hearology places such great emphasis on hearing aid aftercare:

  • Direct contact with your Hearology Audiologist.
  • You can come back to see us as often as you want, and for free.
  • Your planned, free, 6-monthly check ups include additional hearing tests and any consequent re-calibration of your hearing aids.
  • Free, 5-year warranty (worth £300) on most of our models – so they can be repaired free of charge in the rare event of malfunction.
  • We provide courtesy hearing aids to wear during any repair period.

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We Will Make You Feel Comfortable At All Times

Hearology’s state-of-the-art Forest Row Shop-Clinic is located in The Square. Michael Field, B.Ed, MSHAA, HCPC and long-term resident of Forest Row, is our resident Audiologist there. He is also a Tinnitus Lay Counsellor, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and has a 32-year international career that has, to date, taken in speech pathology, hearing aid dispensing and aural microsuction.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Terms and Conditions

All our procedures require written consent. We have a zero-tolerance lateness policy. All our services are payable upon completion and we do not issue invoices for payment at a later date. All hearing test appointments can be cancelled/postponed without penalty up to 72 hours before the appointment’s scheduled start time. However, a no show, cancellation or re-scheduling for whatever reason within the 72-hour period will require pre-payment for a specific, non-refundable, non-exchangeable appointment next time. If the appointment postponed, missed or cancelled late was for a free service, it will become chargeable at a rate specified by us prior to re-booking – at which point you will have the option to cancel. We accept cash and card payment, including AmEx. We prefer to email receipts. We do not store payment data. We will not use your personal information for marketing purposes without permission and will delete it upon request. We do not tolerate any form of abuse of our staff.

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A Full Range Of Hearing Aids At The Best Prices With The Best Service

A variety of brands, form factors and price points, including invisible hearing aids, the latest Bluetooth technology and rechargeable hearing aids.

We price match with the High Street Hearing Aid retailers.

Michael Field, Hearology’s resident Audiologist at our Forest Row Shop-Clinic, has, over the many years of his career, fitted the vast majority of the many different hearing aid models available on the market.

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Full Service – In-house ENT, Audiology and Balance Expertise

Highly qualified, registered Clinical Audiologists; some of the most experienced ENT nurses in the country; Hearing and Balance specialists.

  • Professional and Convenient

    Our reviews testify to the professionalism of our staff and the excellence of our facilities – click on the green star in the ‘Google rating’ box on the homepage to read them for yourself. We have several clinics in London, a Shop-Clinic in Forest Row, East Sussex and highly responsive telephone teams to ensure that we are always available and accessible for you.

  • Safe, Registered and Insured

    Safety is our priority and we pride ourselves in making the procedure as effective, comfortable and efficient as possible. We also offer free follow-up appointments to ensure that blockage can be removed in its entirety as safely and comfortably as possible. You can rest assured that all our clinical practitioners have all the necessary registrations and insurance in place.